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5 Most Important Functions of The Liver

The liver is the heaviest and one of the most significant organs in the body. It weighs about 1.4 Kg and is located at the upper light of the abdominal... Read More

6 Best things you can do to regulate your Digestion

Digestion is a process that converts the material from food into a form that allows absorption and metabolism of nutrients of the food. On average Humans eat 1 to... Read More

Dr. Vatsal Mehta is a highly qualified and experienced doctor for all gastroenterology, liver cases, and Endoscopy. Alfa Gastro and Liver Care is the best centre for GI and liver... Read More

Best Gastroenterologist Doctor Ahmedabad – Dr. Vatsal Mehta

Dr. Vatsal provides best Gastroenterologist services in Ahmedabad and Gujarat. He is focused on providing the services which are not easily available in Gujarat and Ahmedabad. Best Gastroenterologist and best... Read More