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The Certificate in Hindu Civilizational Studies (CHCS) is a 12-credit program that analyzes Hindu culture from a Hindu perspective. It assists students in understanding Hindu Dharma as one of the... Read More

This Course is the first of a two-part course series presenting an in-depth exploration of Sankhya Darshana (Philosophy) based on the Sanskrit text Sankhya Karika of Ishvara Krishna. It is... Read More

This Course is the first course in a two-part course sequence that introduces Advaita Vedanta systematically based on a text called Vedantasara by Sadananda. Advaita Vedanta is the most dynamic... Read More

Epistemology is an important subject of study across several śāstras in the Indic knowledge tradition, in both Vedic and non-Vedic streams. Each of these knowledge systems systematically develops a science... Read More

Panini’s Astadhyayi is a monumental work in the sutra format (short aphorisms) that establishes the grammar of ancient Sanskrit as a language. At the same time, the text also presents... Read More

Build a vocabulary of at least 750 words in Hindi language (nouns, pronouns, and verbs), Comprehend and recite simple verses, engage in simple conversations, Write short essays. This course is... Read More

The Vedic vision of holistic wellbeing encompasses both material and spiritual aspects, as discussed in the Vedic knowledge systems. The system of Yoga, as presented in the Yogasutras of Patañjali,... Read More

The Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency – Intermediate Phase is structured in the form of 4 quarters (1 year) sequence, 1.5 Credit hours each. This will add up to 60... Read More

This is the last class in the MCSS program. Listening to advanced level Samskritam conversations, sanskrit alphabet, sanskrit pronunciation. Saying the words, the right way, understanding spoken English without help,... Read More

Sahitya-Padya is a course that focuses on the composition and theory of literary works in the Hindu tradition, particularly in classical Sanskrit literature. It is designed for students who are... Read More