Author: Dr. Samuel prapthik.

The Kristelle Klear Aligner laboratory supplies Invisible clear aligner to dental surgeons and orthodontists in Tamil Nadu and Bangalore. Wearing invisible clear aligners for misaligned teeth in India will improve... Read More

Kristelle Klear Aligners are clear, custom-made trays that just cover your teeth. You'd be given a set amount of trays, which would need to be changed on a regular basis... Read More

You can either fill out the enquiry form with your contact information and we will contact you, or you can call our number. Customer service will receive all of your... Read More

An ectopic eruption occurs when a permanent tooth is misaligned, causing the tooth to sprout in the wrong place. The tooth erupts outside of its natural location as a result... Read More

Both the top and lower teeth are inclined forward in proclined teeth, or the upper or lower teeth are inclined forward in proclined teeth. It is the most prevalent issue... Read More

We are committed to offering the greatest quality Kristelle Klear Aligners treatment to our patients at Kristelle Klear Aligners. In our clinic in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, we have experienced doctors... Read More

We're looking for a way to provide end-to-end deep bite teeth correction using clear aligners to customers in and around Tamilnadu, including Coimbatore, Chennai, Dindigul, Vellore, Tuticorin, Mettupalayam, Sathyamangalam, Tirupur,... Read More

In most cases, your jaw does not have enough space for your teeth to fit together. They have the ability to move in front of, overlap, twist, or move behind... Read More

A common complication is a generalised gap/spacing between your teeth, which prevents you from smiling confidently. Other issues connected with generalised spacing include plague collection between teeth, food caught between... Read More

A space or gap between the middle two teeth in front of the upper jaw is known as a midline diastema/spacing. This spacing is more typical in those who have... Read More