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Exotic India feels highly enthusiastic to be able to provide the customers with this large-sized Annam lamp from South India. This ornamental brass lamp with series of diyas originated from... Read More

She lacks neither beauty nor wealth. A powerful woman, not quite past her prime, sits with her legs crossed on a seat of red velvet and brocade cushions. She directs... Read More

In this Spirit Of Enlightenment Mandala Thangka Painting, the sacred hum symbol is at the heart of this mandala. Thick, white strokes of the brush against a scarlet-colored circlet. Painted... Read More

A multitude of lamps to fill your space with light and sattvaguna. This classical-style Indian lamp would be a valuable addition to any traditional Indian home. It features a long... Read More

A designer brass chowki in itself is an ornamental showpiece for your house corners; also it can be used as a pedestal for keeping deity sculptures or as a base... Read More

Devi Durga is a feminine epitome of strength and a divine potency responsible for keeping this material world in order and decorum; she is an embodiment of ferocity as well... Read More

This brilliant painting, oil on canvas, as large as four by six feet, rendered in modern art style but with a mythical theme, represents the ten-armed Devi – Goddess, killing... Read More

Devi Mahakali, the consort of ‘Mahakala’ (Great Time), a form of Lord Shiva, is the Goddess of time, life, death, creation, as well as liberation. The most powerful Goddess Mahakali... Read More

There are nine names of Devi Durga –ShailPutri, Brahmacharini, etc; etc and hence known as Nava-Durga. During Navaratri festivals, all the Devis are worshipped in their particular avatars and celebrated... Read More

Black is the most evergreen color in the entire color palette, that goes well in all kinds of attires and functions; it has the inbuilt characteristic of highlighting a person’s... Read More