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Sweep power Herbicide is A new generation non-selective Herbicide Very effective on hard to kill weeds and safe to applicator when used as per recommended protective spray. upl Sweep power... Read More

UPL Dost Herbicide Pre emergent herbicide to control annual grasses and certain broadleaf weeds in soybean, wheat, groundnut, cotton, mustard and a range of crops. Dost UPL Uses It inhibits cell division... Read More

UPL Electron Seed Treatment Protects crop from early sucking pests and diseases and provides good establishment. India’s first 3 way mix for excellent crop establishment . UPL Electron Chemical Composition... Read More

AAKAR ORGANIC INSECTICIDE control white flies aphids trips grasshoppers and certain types of bettles . MN Biotech Aakar Specification ORGANIC INSECTICIDE Crop ALL TYPE CROP VEGETABLES FOODS Form Liquid Dosage 200 ML PER ACERUPL Electron Seed Treatment... Read More

Krishi Rasayan V3 insecticide Contain Validamycin 3% L Control faster on the disease and works for a longer time. Brand – Krishi Rasayan Technical Validamycin 3% L Available Pack Size 100ml, 250ml, 500ml,1ltr,5ltr. Target... Read More