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Daughter of the mountains, wife of Lord Shiva. The indisputable queen of triloka, the three (‘tri’) realms (‘loka’) of existence. Possessed of beauty and potency, vigor and compassion. She is... Read More

Mahakala comes from the Sanskrit maha (great) and kala (death or time) which translates that he is a deity beyond time. In Tibet, he is also called the Nagpo Chenpo,... Read More

A superfine brass-toned up in a glossy amalgamation of brown, gold, and silver, induces the royal grandeur of Lord Krishna, who stands in tribhanga with the right foot bent in... Read More

Maharishi Patanjali was a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu’s serpent Adishesha. He gifted people with the great knowledge of yoga and as the ‘Father of modern yoga’, Sage Patanjali assimilated all... Read More

Devi Lakshmi is seated in the lap of a lotus. Its vibrant pink petals gather Her in their folds, setting off the roseate beauty of Her complexion. Clad in a... Read More

Electromechanical companies in Oman

Direct services, the best electromechanical companies in Oman. Though Direct Services LLC has been widely deemed as the best turnkey construction service provider in the market since only 2007, our... Read More

Lord Ganesha holds the most significant position in the hearts and minds of people, as he is worshipped all across the globe as a primitive deity in Hinduism for enabling... Read More

The adorable baala-deva (boy-deity) thumps the mridangam and dances to its sound. He is the son of Shiva-Parvati, the unmistakable elephant’s head is the most distinctive part of His iconography.... Read More

Lord Krishna is popularly worshipped in Hinduism and loved by all for his poetic style nature, tenderness and love. With that possession of peace in his eyes and melodious sound... Read More

Laminates Manufacture company welmica One of the leading manufacturers and exporters of modern decorative luxurious laminate from Morbi, Gujarat India. Greetings from Welmica, leading suppliers of luxurious decorative laminate sheets!... Read More