EIL Approved Flanges Exporters in Mumbai

Niton Metal & Alloys is one of the biggest organizations in the world that set technical standards for oil refineries. They are a symbol of excellence, they do this by providing all the necessary pipe fittings, flanges, engineering marvels and specialized technical applications. We have therefore ensured that all our EIL approved Flanges Exporters are of high quality, durable and innovative. These flanges have been made strong enough to resist any harsh conditions that may be experienced there; additionally these types of joints can withstand very high temperatures as well as different forms corrosion thus making them last longer also they are reliable.

Just as impressive are the Weld Neck Flanges, which have been approved by EIL approved Flanges. They can be recognized by their elongated tapered hub that matches the bore size of the pipe perfectly. This design feature is unique and not only does it increase strength but also provides necessary support for use in high pressures and temperatures where performance under tough conditions is needed most.

When versatility or adaptability is required then our Forged Flanges should be considered as they offer an excellent solution for this purpose. These EIL approved Flanges Manufacturers are made using a careful process which includes heating up billets until they fuse together; as a result, mechanical properties exhibited by these components are outstanding making them meet requirements set by various international bodies while still adhering to domestic standards applicable within different countries worldwide where piping systems must comply with both kinds of specifications.

Our Reducing Flanges were designed specifically to address the problem of connecting pipes that have different sizes or pressure ratings. These flanges are compact in shape and have a shorter neck compared to other types so they can easily join two dissimilar pipelines together at points where such connections need to be made.