There are stuffs out there that can’t be explained. No matter how advanced our way of thinking is, or how deep we could do our studies, our capabilities as humans are limited. Science, our best tools to explore our world, not to mention the whole universe is equally limited, and so far, we only scratched the very surface on what we could learn. That’s why scientist never really abandoned the notion of alien life somewhere in the universe. The odds are simply there, that in the vast universe with countless stars, with possible star systems in them, there might be life out there.

But the problem here is that the claims about alien life by Average Joes are simply too outrageous.

Most people often get too excited with meeting outside visitors, so much so that they ended up fabricating stories of close encounters. This ruined the educated notion of alien life and turning it into cartoonish guest works. It did contribute to humanity’s pop culture, or even in local folklores as in the case of a creature somewhere in South America. The said creature has reptilian body, though descriptions might vary. Remember the legendary Chupacabra? I must admit that it is fun to say, but the problem here is that it’s too shady to believe.

General Description
A variant of Chupacabra description. Source is

Again, the general description of the creature may vary, but the most common is the reptilian type. It’s a scaly beast, green in color and sports spikes, or quills on its back. This will bring in mind a prehistoric creature coming out from the Triassic. It’s size however is not that monumental, as it is said to be 5.5 feet tall. It never ran on all four but stands like a kangaroo and hops like one. In addition, it got oval head, large glowing eyes, and a foul stench of sulfur.

Other description of the creature gave it a canine feature. People claim that it resembles a breed of strange wild dog, and if that’s the case it lacks shaggy fur, as Chupacabras are said to