If you are looking for the best place to study MBBS abroad at an affordable price, then you have com

Is the best place to study MBBS internationally at an affordable price? The answer to this question depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. However, here are some of the most popular and cost-effective options:

Georgia is a great option for international students looking for a quality medical education at a low cost. It is renowned for its stunning scenery and welcoming people, with tuition fees ranging from around $30,000 to over $40,000 annually.
The Philippines is a popular choice for those seeking an affordable MBBS program, as many universities offer courses in English and the country's healthcare system is top-notch.
The average tuition fee in the Philippines is between $3,500 and $7,500 annually. Bangladesh is another budget-friendly country with several universities that offer MBBS programs that are well-known internationally, and the cost of living is also very low, with tuition fees in Bangladesh ranging from around $2,500 to $50,000 annually.