Is A DIY Will Kit A Killer Choice? | James Noble Law

Are you thinking about doing getting a DIY Will Kit?
DIY will Kit: The letters “DIY” seem to apply to just about everything these days, and one area of ‘do it yourself that is growing in popularity is the DIY will kit.

It’s advisable that we all have some type of will (no matter what), and with the internet making everything so accessible in the modern world, DIY will kit seems to be all the rage.

Is a DIY Will Kit Worth It?
But is a will kit worthwhile? Is there really any benefit in preparing your own will?

Many want to craft their own will to save money going through legal channels, and it can be a good way to learn how a will works and what you might want to put in your will, but at the end of the day, you are far better off having your will drafted up by an experienced lawyer.

Can You Make A DIY Will Kit Work?
A will really need to be prepared and executed by a legal representative who knows exactly what can be included in the will, and has the expertise to execute the will fairly and legitimately when the time arrives.

This is a very important document and really not a DIY kind of situation.

Talk to a wills and estates family law expert about drafting your will and acting on your behalf. If you are in the Brisbane area, the team to call is James Noble Law.