NSS Full Form: A Contributor To Social Welfare And Community Development

"What is NSS full form?
Have you heard the acronym NSS anytime in your day-to-day conversations? Certainly good for those who have heard about it and have quite a knowledge about it. But there is no need to worry for those who haven’t. We will be discovering what is NSS and will also be navigating through various aspects of NSS.

NSS full form stands for National Service Scheme, which is a Central Government Scheme of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports of India. It is meant for the students of classes 11th and 12th and Graduate and Postgraduate colleges and universities all over India.

It encourages the youth of the country to develop their character and personality through providing voluntary social service for the benefit of the community. Now that we know the NSS full form and got a basic idea regarding what is NSS, let’s dive deep into it.

Brief overview of NSS
NSS refers to the National Service Scheme, which was formed with the objective of youth providing community service and help to the needy, which ensures a two-way benefit to both; the students and the community. Social service is essential in empowering groups that lack representation for certain reasons and are thus vulnerable.."