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The egg tray line includes four complete systems: pulping, molding, drying, and packaging to make sure full production through unique processes. The raw material for producing egg trays include waste paper, for example, magazines, carton boxes, and old books. Acquiring them is simple and affordable. Nearly all of it appears locally from people or paper recycling industries. The production assumes four stages, and every system uses a different pair of devices to make certain efficient output. Below is more information around the various stages of the egg tray production line.

Pulping System.

This is basically the first step of the egg tray making process. The machine used here includes a hydraulic pulper, pulp refiner, a pool water, as well as a pulp pump. The first task is placing the raw materials to the hydraulic pulper, then adding water in appropriate proportions. The equipment will mix the contents to make sure it forms a consistent mixture. Although it appears as if minimal work, this stage is vital since it determines the grade of the end product. Over the process, any impurities is certain to get removed, of course, if necessary, there may be adding pigmentation. The refined pulp gets delivered within a tank and ready for the next step.

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