Remarkable road to Roja success Thirty interesting facts

Thirty interesting facts about iconic Indian film to celebrate its 30th anniversary
This week marks the 30th anniversary of iconic Indian film Roja.

The Tamil romantic thriller about a man kidnapped in Kashmir by terrorists and his wife’s desperate attempts to get him free resonated strongly with audiences when it released on August 15, 1992. The Mani Ratnam directed drama, st­arring Arvind Swami and Madhoo, also introduced music maestro AR Rahman to movies with perhaps the greatest deb­ut soundtrack of all time. It was also successfully dubbed in multiple languages.

Eastern Eye decided to mark 30 years of the film by presenting 30 interesting facts connected to it.

1. Roja was inspired by an Indian oil executive who was kidnapped by Kashmiri militants in 1991 and held in captivity for two months, while his wife fought for his freedom.

2. Mani Ratnam had initially offered actor turned filmmaker Kitty the chance to direct Roja, but he declined and wanted to do something of his own.

3. Roja means rose. The film’s writer-director Ratnam thought that the title aptly represented Kashmir because ‘the rose is something beautiful but with thorns’.

4. The central theme explored in the film is based on the relationship between Savitri and Satyavan of the Hindu epic, Mahabharata.

5. Swami had made his acting debut in Ratnam’s previous Tamil film Thalapathi (1991) and was cast in Roja after first choice Rajiv Menon declined the role.