Tower Design, Engineering and Construction

It is the digital era, and having access to an uninterrupted and fast network is essential. 5G tower engineers are designed to provide low latency, faster download speeds and more capacity and connectivity to several devices. It is the 5th generation of technology standard. This development's main aim is higher performance, faster transfer between devices, and improved efficiency to empower new user experiences and connect new industries.

It is expected that 5G will have a tremendous impact on how we live, play and work. As of now, 5G is functioning on the foundation of 4G; however, the additions in its modulation techniques allow more data in single bandwidth. At ASR Engineers, through our engineering and construction skills, we ensure to build 5G towers keeping in mind the safety and regulatory requirements.

Importance of 5G Towers
The demand for the construction of 5G towers has been growing rapidly. Along with it, the importance of the tower infrastructure is also increasing in abundance. It is going to be of strategic importance to the government and businesses. 5G aims to accelerate the infiltration of mobile networks into everyday life, increasing its importance more than ever.

Safety Testing of 5G Towers
Incorporating 5G in your business will give you a competitive edge in the market. Still, it is imperative to follow its safety testing as there are challenges with this network when seeking to meet global compliance requirements. There is a lot of buzz about the safety factor of 5G towers due to their high radiation level, as the frequency of 5G networks is considerably higher than that of 4G. The intensity of the radiofrequency electromagnetic fields(EMF) used to send and receive information has been found to pose two health issues in Canada, i.e., warming and tingling sensation in the skin. Hence it is vital to undertake the construction of 5G towers with expertise at an appropriate distance from your body to its source. At ASR Engineers, we test and ev