Wet Reckless California – Why it isn’t so Bad Now

Wet Reckless convictions are one of those alcohol offenses you end up at after negotiations and plea bargains with teh Orange County District Attorneys in a DUI. It is not a case that can be charged from the beginning. I used to advise client’s against taking a Wet Reckless plea before 2021 and push for a Not Guilty verdict on a jury trial or push for a dry reckless because it was the same as a DUI.

However, recent law changes have a much better alternative. In this article, we will discuss the reckless driving charge with alcohol convictions in California. This article will go into the effects of a reckless driving offense with alcohol has on an insurance company and other potential exposures with taking this deal after 2021. Other considerations this article will go into include effects on licenses, the penalty(jail time)/fines, and advantages for making this deal with prosecutors in the court system.

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